A Sophisticate Wears a Hat

"And all your Fortunes lie under your Hat" John Oldman

For me I didn't understand the allure of wearing a hat until I bought my Derby Hat for the Devon Horse Show Ladies Hat Day (A Sophisticate Wears a Derby Hat). Every time I would wear a baseball hat in high school people would say "Take it off" and therefore  assumed hats were not for me. 

My Derby Hat changed everything and it changed me. I realized that wearing a Hat was a gateway to something bigger. It was a gateway to something bigger that was found inside of me.  It was when I attended the Devon Horse Show Ladies Hat Day for the second year, that I made this discovery. During the event as I was wearing my new pink Lily Pulitzer dress I noticed the horsewomen who were performing in the exhibitions. They were wearing a riding hat and it was that hat I wanted to wear. It occurred to me that a hat meant more than just an accessory. Was it the riding hat I wanted to wear or was it a lifestyle or attitude that I wanted?

"Cock your Hat, angles are attitudes" Frank Sinatra

For a Sophisticate a Hat is a lifestyle (A Sophisticate is a Mad Hatter) and an attitude.  A Hat is something that when you put on you become someone else. It is a personal accessory that reflects one's passions, interest, personality, and style (Your Personal Style

"A Woman is not really dressed unless she is wearing her Hat" Virginia  Graham 

A Hat is similar to putting on a shield of armor. It helps prepare you mentality for whatever occasion or event (A Sophisticate is a Cowgirl). It protects you.  It protects you from the sun, the cold, and from revealing one's feelings. 

Eyes are the window to one's soul and similar to wearing Sunglasses (A Sophisticate Wears Sunglasses) it allows you to hide away. It allows you to hide away from people. A Hat is similar to a cave, a Sophisticate will pull down the brim of her Hat in public and she disappears from the world. 

"How a Hat feels makes you feel what a Hat is all about" Phillip Tracy 

A Hat is different from any other accessory because it reveals not only who you are but who you want to be. Unlike a watch or earrings which are "baubles" or trinkets, it means something. Only wearing an engagement or wedding ring symbolizes and means more to a Sophisticate than a Hat. A Sophisticate wears a Hat when she wants to project an image and an image that is extension of what is in her heart. In the end, a Sophisticate wears a Hat to represent and project to the world who she is and what she wants to become. ;D