A Sophisticate has Nine Lives

Photo: Heather Fowler Photography
"Fear makes us courageous. Tragedy makes us confident. Death allows us to live" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

A Sophisticate dies every time someone she loves dies. Yet, hen death occurs something new within her begins to live.

When those who were closest to me died, I coped with their loss by remembering the kind of love and support they provided me. When I understood what type of love and support they provided, breaking away from my grief depended on me being able to 
have that kind of love and support in myself. 

"The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live" Ayn Rand  

Their death gave me a new purpose. Their death made me aware of how short our time is on earth.  Their death forced me to have confidence in myself now that they no longer could give me that confidence. In essence, their death gave me life. 

When my co-worker told me about an abandoned cat she had found for whom she wanted to give to me, my exact words were "What makes you look at me and say, "animal person?" I just killed a bamboo plant, I'm in no position to be taking care of anything or anyone." 

The longer Miss Chloe lived, the more attached and I became the more  afraid I was of living without her.  As I pushed through my fear I became a new and better person. My concern and love for another living creature helped me, changed me, and made me a better person. 

Miss Chloe broke down the defenses and walls or mask I put on for others. In essence, my care and love for her broke my previous "ice queen" persona.

"Nine lives added to my one life makes a Perfect 10" Suzy Clemens

My Miss Chloe loved me unconditionally. When she died I realized that I didn't need to have unconditional love within myself. This time it was that I had the capability to choose to have unconditional love for someone else beyond my family.  

Tragedy, failure (A Sophisticate is a Failure), loss, or an illness gives a Sophisticate confidence because her her survival instincts "kick in". Her  inner resiliency shine through. (A Sophisticate is Resilient) Tragedy forces her to face her fear.

Fear makes her courageous because she must face her fear head on and beat it back with whatever "tools" she has within herself (A Sophisticate has No Fear). Those tools include optimism, kindness, and ambition. Fear is where the motivation to be the best can be found.

Death makes her want to live. Death gives her life. Loss makes her appreciate love, happy moments, and her own life. When a Sophisticate experiences a near death experience or has someone she loves die, she wants to live. Life becomes more important because she wants to remember and honor the love within herself as well as the love others had for her.  

In the end, a Sophisticate has nine lives or more because she lives again in triumph with every tragedy, failure, and loss she experiences. ;D