A Sophisticate is a Poet: Poem

Angels know of heaven and mirth, 
but how  would they know of earth?
On earth, how can a Sophisticate unearth, 
the value of reality and it's worth?
There is an undiscovered beauty in this life,
A Sophisticate can uncover this beauty and does experience strife, 

She has seen the rain, felt the pain, 
And knows with each dawn the sun will come again.

Knowing about Sophistication and her willingness to commit,
She lives an authentic life and will admit,
As a lover of art, in her heart she is a poet, 

Smart as she is, there comes a moment when she knows it.

A Sophisticate paints a canvas with her pen with words that are descriptive,  
The emotions of her words well written make her poetry addictive.
There is Angelou, Plath, Dickinson, Browning, Millay, and Leav
Poetry is what is what she will all that she has and never want to leave.

Pain, anger, and sadness that cuts like a knife,
Hope and happiness her heart alights, 
with nothing but love, 
Words, with the grace of a dove.

In the end, a Sophisticate is a Poet and sings her song with a poem.