A Sophisticate is Not Plastic

"Being plastic means  "perfect looking" but Sophistication means "perfect being" or being imperfect." Sophisticate in the Suburbs

Even though I was teased by my classmates, one of my favorite movies, I'm sorry to say is "Mean Girls". "Mean Girls" was written by Tina Fey and it stars Lindsey Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Amanda Seyfried. The movie is about how mean the 'popular' girls can be in High School. Beyond such as catch phrases as 'word vomit' or lines like 'you smell like a baby prostitute' or even the idea throughout the movie to make 'fetch' happen, the movie is funny and entertaining in an educational way. It was a lighthearted, well written way to show how girls can be mean to one another and how fake or 'plastic' they act towards one another just to be liked or even loved. 

In the movie "Mean Girls" they refer to the idea of being "plastic" to mean conforming to the crowd and becoming cold, hard plastic that is perfect looking with no flaws or feeling. 

High School was the perfect setting for the movie because it is a time of conformity. When a Sophisticate is a child she is true to herself until peer pressure, stress, and society feeds upon any small insecurities she may have that magnifying them. Once magnified she does whatever she can to feel normal or confident again.  Subsequently, she  conforms to what is most accepted by the most amount of people in her environment.  

To conform, a Sophisticate keeps quiet, does what she is told, and never shows emotion.

Problems arise when what is most accepted by the most amount of people are harmful things that do damage to her body, mind, or spirit such as taking drugs, smoking, or anything that stops a Sophisticate from being the best, most positive version of herself.  When a Sophisticate is in college and has the time to be back alone again to seek her purpose in life she starts to find herself again. Hopefully, she builds the knowledge, strength and confidence not to have  society allow her to conform again into something she is not.

With knowledge and wisdom a Sophisticate learns that emotion and feeling is what separates an individual from the crowd into being the oddball or in a more positive light, being authentic.

Like the transparency of a diamond, Sophistication means being transparent, and real. A Sophisticate is herself no matter what. What you see is what you get, good or bad. She is not plastic because she is real and therefore imperfect. (A Sophisticate is Imperfect) She has feelings that are messy and inconvenient. At times she is what people refer to as a "hot mess". Her make-up streaky on her face because of mascara. 

She fails because of those imperfections yet, those imperfections and failures make her grow into someone or something more  that is "perfect being". (A Sophisticate is a Failure) Similar to a diamond, being rock becoming something more than what expected due to stress or pressure. In other words, a rock became a diamond due to the failure to handle stress or pressure

A Sophisticate has feelings that allow her imperfections to shine through. In the end a Sophisticate is not "plastic" because he may not always be "perfect looking" because of t she always strives to become "perfect being." ;D