Love is an Inside Joke

Jake Etheridge @jethridgemusic
"The language of soulmates is laughter" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

Going to The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville was one of the best, most memorable evenings of my life. ("In the Corner" with Amy Stroup) The reason it was memorable was not just the music but the singer songwriters I was introduced to and rediscovered including Jake Etheridge and Philip LaRue. 

Both Jake Etheridge and Phillip LaRue have have written a lot of the music in the TV Show Nashville on CMT but when I started following them it wasn't just their music that impressed me. It is their life and the love they have for the special person in their life that makes them such an inspiration. When you watch them experience life and write music there is a joy that radiates to their fans and permeates in the great music they write.  

When it comes to dating the goal is to be loved for who you are on the inside How does a Sophisticate know they are truly loved and they found their soulmate? When joy and laughter exists. 

Ever seen one of those couples? Ever been one of those couples?  You know what I'm talking about, those couples in the corner, talking in whispers, and laughing. Those couples who can't stop laughing and who is outsider, you desperately want to be part of because there is a joy that is contagious?

"If you aren't willing to sound stupid, you don't deserve to be in love" from the movie 'A Lot Like Love' (2005)

As couple  you are  oblivious to the world around you because the world does not exist. You know what I'm talking about... as a couple you have no idea people are watching the both of you or you begin to wonder why other couples are introducing themselves and wanting to be friendly.

"Love is a joke whose punchline is joy." Sophisticate in the Suburbs

A joke is defined as "something said or done to provoke laughter; especially : a brief oral narrative with a climactic humorous twist"  The relationship that shares an inside joke, a secret that only your joint experiences have shared and share is love.

What is love? Freedom to be yourself without fear. When that element exists it it allows for joy to come into a relationship. When I see a couple laughing and I laugh I know that I'm seeing or feeling two souls come together. Soulmates radiate joy by just being themselves, by just being together (A Sophisticate Finds her Soulmate)

"How wonderful it is that we laugh because our bodies cannot contain the joy" Unknown 

Sadly, because of when a Sophisticate dates it starts out being more about surviving rather than thriving. The awkwardness and process of getting to know one another laughter is pushed aside to the point where it is forgotten. The element of trust and secrets that open a relationship up to joy (Sophisticated Love Lesson #6: Secrets).

Therefore, on any date, laughter is he pixie dust gives wings for a relationship to fly. 

In the long term, is the food that feeds the relationship when the initial fire has ebbed.A Sophisticate dates a friend first because only a friend will know who she really is and accept her completely enough for them to laugh together.For friendship, love, and laughter the foundation is joy.

"yeah, I do love making you laugh and laugh hard.  because I knew at that very moment, you are the furthest away from the things that hurt you"  J.M. Storm

A Sophisticate must know joy within herself to be cause of joy.

A Sophisticate finds joy in the giving of herself. With her special heart sometimes her joy cannot be contained and  it erupts into contagious laughter.  Self-acceptance, freedom, joy, and the surprising unsuspecting nature of life is what allows love to flourish. 

"Laughter tickles the "funny bone" of attraction." Sophisticate in the Suburbs 

In life love is the biggest, most unexpected, and wonderful twist of them all and therefore true love is an inside joke. ;D