Sophisticate in the Suburbs™ and The Joy of Sox®

The Joy of Sox®
“...Sometimes socks can be more important than bringing people food because food is not hard to get but it seems to be harder and harder to get socks all the time." Kiwi, a homeless woman in Toronto

According to a recent study on December 6, 2017, there are 553, 742 people on a single night. The population has risen this year for the first time since the Great Recession, propelled by the housing crisis afflicting the west coast, according to a new federal study. America's homeless population rises for the first time since the Great Recession | The Guardian

"You can choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color"  Gary Oldman

Founder Tom Costello, Jr
As a result of my childhood and having to move twenty times before I went to college, I came to understand the importance of having a home. Although there was always the uncertainty of never knowing where  I might be one year to the next, at least I had the reassurance that I would have a roof over my head. My understanding of the importance of having a home, a great mission, my interest in fashion, a genuine founder with a great mission that made me gravitate towards The Joy of Sox®

"One can never have enough socks," Dumbledore

For most of us no matter what time of the year, when it comes to comfort, warmth, and fashion there is nothing like a pair of socks. Especially in the winter, there is nothing like a hot cup of chocolate and warm socks that add to the comfort of home. 

A pair of socks adds to the comfort of home as well as expresses a unique style or to have fun. For those, who don't have a home and are fortunate enough to have clothes on their back, socks play a more significant role.

Supporting The Joy of Sox®in Washington, DC
I love my socks.  They keep you warm, it's like a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup in the winter time. They are just nice to have.” Christine, another homeless woman in Toronto.

When I first met Tom Costello, Jr. we talked about the focus on socks (The Joy of Sox® - How We Started). Without a physical foundation to protect someone from the environment, clothing for someone who is homeless is the last defense when it comes to survival. When the goal is to get money for food or shelter, nothing is more vital than protecting one's feet. 

The headquarters for The Joy of Sox® may be in Philadelphia but the need for socks extends throughout the United States and worldwide. The mission of The Joy of Sox® is simply to give joy to the homeless by giving new socks. The vision is to be the best sock charity and to provide six pairs of new socks to every homeless person in the United States.

By of the end of 2017, The Joy of Sox® will have distributed over over a quarter of a million (250,000+) new pairs of socks to the homeless in 30 states and five countries.

When it comes to Sophistication in the 21st Century the founder Tom Costello, Jr. is a perfect example since he cares more about creating awareness of providing socks to the homeless rather than receiving credit. 
In the end, "The Joy of Socks" can be found in donating socks in the name of   The Joy of Sox® or more specifically Tom Costello, Jr. the founder to who created the awareness of the importance of socks for the homeless. ;D