A Sophisticate has an Image

Photo: Heather Fowler Photography
Image (v.) make a representation of the external form of.

When I was little I had blonde hair. There was another girl who had had blonde hair that was almost white. My blonde hair dulled in comparison. My teacher and other students would refer to the color of my hair as "dirty blonde". When they said it I felt ashamed. The description made me unhappy because I felt like they were calling me "dirty" or "disgusting" and I thought I was beautiful. I cared how others viewed me and it made me feel like I was not as beautiful as the other girl.

"Beauty is in the eye of the eye of the beholder" Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

When I grew up, I decided to dye or highlight my hair. I was ashamed of my natural color and wanted what I believed was beautiful. My highlighted blonde hair became my image.

The image I created was my "dirty blonde" cleaned, polished, and perfected. 

The truth is that my natural color hair is beautiful. It may not be beautiful to some people but it is to me. There is nothing wrong with the color except what I believe is wrong with the color. What IS wrong is the lack of confidence in myself and my view on my natural or authentic beauty.

The phrase "mirror image" exists for a reason. When a Sophisticate looks in the mirror, her reflection creates an image in her mind.  When a Sophisticate process that "mirror image" it depends on what a Sophisticate views that will determine whether she is seeing her authentic self (A Sophisticate is Authentic) or a polished or perfected view of herself.

"Image is authenticity perfected" Sophisticate in the Suburbs  

The interior of a Sophisticate determines how she views her exterior. If a Sophisticate is confident and self-assured, she may not see alot of imperfections in her reflection. Too much confidence equals vanity (A Sophisticate is Vain) but no matter what she views a Sophisticate knows that an image is merely a bit of "polish".  

"The business of the 21st Century is about the brand of YOU" Sophisticate in the Suburbs 

Sophisticate in the Suburbs is my brand. It has always been a way for me to provide a "lessons learned" of my mistakes. It is my way to "polish" my past mistakes. Like every with any brand, there exists a strategy or plan of action designed to achieve a major or overall aim. Strategic direction depends on one thing consistency. Therefore, image depends on consistency.

In the 21st Century, to sustain the brand that is herself, a Sophisticate must be consistent with the image she presents to the world. A Sophisticate does not make her family or her spouse her image because she cannot control other individuals. Rather her image could be her style in clothing, personality, make-up, her social media vehicles,  her writing, her business, or her brand.

My argyle sweater, black headband, and black and white clothes were in my closet before my blog or brand began. When I was little I owned and wore two colors, pink and purple. My image was built on whatever I already owned and what I already loved. Everything I post or promote is built on what I love or am passionate about.

Ask any social media or marketing consultant, consistency is the way to success. Consistency depends on a certain level of authenticity. A Sophisticate can only be fake for so long before the truth is revealed. An image that is not built on true authenticities, like a mirror made of glass, it will crack under pressure. 

In the end, a Sophisticate has an image whose origin comes from authenticity. ;D