A Sophisticate is Authentic

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"Authenticity comes down to one word, Love" Sophisticate in the Suburbs

The one lesson I've observed about those people who inspire me is that authenticity comes down to one attribute, one feeling, one emotion, The  one lesson that most stuck out when it comes to working with my life coach, Andy Kostow is to find your destiny and achieve your goals, do what you love. The one question Andy would ask me whenever I had a question about a decision was "Do you love it?" "Does it make it feel good?" if the answer was yes I knew what my decision was going to be.   

For a Sophisticate, there is no difference between having an image or being authentic. 

Authentic (aj) of undisputed origin; genuine.

The brand of a Sophisticate stems from who a Sophisticate is and what she loves. Love is by nature is undisputed and that is the same as the definition of authenticity. As a Sophisticate grows so should her brand. The addition that a brand has over authenticity is consistency or a "signature style" (A Sophisticate and her Personal Style)

“Restriction generates yearning. You want what you cannot have.”  Portia de Rossi

How does a Sophisticate know what she loves? Tragedy. Sadly,  sometimes a Sophisticate cannot tell who she is or who she loves until it is either presented to her or denied to her. The reason behind success when a Sophisticate fails is resistance. A Sophisticate who is hardworking and ambitious will fight and go the extra mile to get what she wants. 

Success in relationships depends on failure and being presented with what one wants (A Sophisticate finds her Soulmate). Success in one's career and life depends on failure and resistance. 

“What people in the world think of you is really none of your business.”  Martha Graham

Authenticity, like creativity, depends on a Sophisticate being vulnerable enough to be unique. A Sophisticate must care more about revealing what is unique about herself,  what a Sophisticate loves about herself,  rather than what she guesses others will love about her. 

A Sophisticate does not reveal her imperfections to appear more real. She reveals herself to be more vulnerable and thus unique. In the end, a Sophisticate is authentic because she reveals to others what she loves about herself and what she loves about others. ;D