A Sophisticate HATES Valentines Day

Photo: Earth to Emma
"My only love sprung from my only hate!" Shakespeare - 'Romeo and Juliet' Act I Scene 5 

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite holidays are Halloween, St. Patricks Day, and Valentines Day. St. Patricks Day is my favorite because of my family. St. Patricks holds a special place because of the tradition my family had for the day. Halloween is just fun but Valentines Day borders on an obsession for me.

What most people don't know about me is that as much as I love it, I hate it. My parents loved each other but my Dad revealed that he had forgotten it was Valentines Day. His Secretary bought and sent my Mom her favorite flowers as well as her favorite chocolates. My mom was thrilled and very happy but it tainted my view of Valentines Day. The most important thing was that my mom was happy. 

The gifts given on Valentines Day suddenly came to have had no meaning. I realized that my Dad gave her the same thing every year. The same thing that every man gets for a girlfriend or wife on Valentines Day. My parents had a meaningful relationship in their own personal way and the Valentines Day gift was exactly what my mom wanted but my theory on the holiday changed. It was there and then that I decided that when it came to Valentines Day and a serious relationship or love in general, I wanted something creative, something meaningful, something unexpected and heartfelt. 

Some women liked roses and chocolates on Valentine's Day but not me. From then on, IF they ask I say that all I want for Valentines Day is a nice note or card. No fancy dinner, nothing special just something that expressed how much they loved me beyond jewelry, roses, or chocolates. In essence I wanted someone to be creative with the medium I most passionate about, the written word.

Therefore, some might say I'm a romantic. It's true, I'm a romantic yet, I cherish simplicity. Therefore, I love Valentines Day, the act of celebrating love, just not the actual yearly holiday.

My Valentines Day party tradition came from my disgust with the holiday. (Be Your Own Valentine). I hate Valentines Day for two reasons first, it is the most forced. Secondly, it is the only holiday that excludes people.

On St. Patricks Day, the saying is "Everyone is Irish on St. Patricks Day". It is different on Valentines Day not everyone is in a relationship.

Meaning comes from heartfelt sentiment, a special day reserved for me, for "us". "Us" could mean being a relationship between me and my best friend in other words my significant other. "Us" could also mean family and friends. In my family, my parents and I always exchanged gifts on Valentines Day. They made Valentines Day similar to every other holiday. My friends and I always celebrated with my Valentines Day parties. 

In reality, if my husband gave me flowers, took me out for dinner or told me he loved me only on Valentines Day, he would not be my husband. 

For a Sophisticate Valentines Day is just a day; Twelve hours when there are 364 days to show the meaning behind the love she has have for those around her.

A Sophisticate loves, love because of the meaning behind it everyday she is with the ones who she loves who also love her. The meaning behind a special gift or flowers after a long day or a random Tuesday. The ability for the one she loves to make her smile and laugh (Love is an Inside Joke).  

Jewelry on Christmas, an anniversary, or when finally engaged. For a Sophisticate, it is the small things that make all the difference and are worth everything. The superficial items like jewelry, chocolates, and roses are not expected rather they are merely the icing on the cake.

A Sophisticate hates Valentines Day because it is a day where she is forced to follow the rules of showing love superficially. She loves Valentines Day because she loves thedemonstration of the meaning behind love. ;D