Global Women's History

"We are not makers of history. We are made by history." Martin Luther King Jr

Simply put,  the reason for creating a Global Women's History website was because the website I used as a reference to post "Today in Women's History" went away. That may have been my reason but not my goal. The goal of my new website is provide an education through references that provide facts and information about those women who have made an impact in the United States and globally. Well, maybe just globally since the United States is part of a global community.

My encounter with learning about Women's  History was a mere fluke yet it was the start of something larger.  (Background -Global Women's History)  That something "larger" was the creation of the website Global Women's History. By creating the website my goal turned into a hope as the  inspiration that was given to me was indelible. 

"An education is the investment with the greatest returns" Benjamin Franklin

The more I learn about Women's History as I continue to add to the website Global Women's History e the more I ask myself "How are women or anyone to learn of Women's History?" As I continue to learn the more I continue to realize  a lot was kept from me when  I went to school. Not because it was the teachers fault but because the circular didn't allow for it. For me, Women studies was provided to me  as an elective and I'm not sure if all colleges and universities provide it as an elective.

History is a huge topic to cover. There are so many men and women in history, how could anything or anyone cover all of it. Therefore, my rationale was if women aren't mentioned in the curriculum, why not use a communication vehicle that could potentially reach a huge amount of people like Social Media? 

"Empowerment through inspiration." This idea or statement is why I chose to create the website Global Women's History. My hope is that at least  one person, one woman who is motivated to be successful will be inspired by someone who has already made an impact, been successful, and changed the world. 

While creating my website or project I discovered the reward of what I was doing is that fact it will never be complete. The beauty of this website lies in the the continuity of the effort. As long as women continue to make history the website Global Women's History will NEVER be complete. 

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" Marcel Proust

My hope is that people, of all ages, check out Global Women's History not to "Search" for their favorite hero or role model but rather to learn about people or women they might not have known existed. Someone who might potentially be a new or additional role model.

Each day I will provide "Today in Women's History" as a way to highlight one person, one woman. Each month the categories featured on the header will rotate for visibility of different group of women. Finally, every year, there will be more blogs written about the particular woman in history as related to my topic of Sophistication in the 21st Century. For example "A Sophisticate is a Perfect 10" based on Nadia Comaneci. 

Global Women's History is how I want to  "Make History".  My reason is the result of the inspiration found through my own education of the women who made history yesterday and continue to make history today. 

"Be Inspired. Make History" Sophisticate in the Suburbs 

In the end, it is my hope, that coupled with their motivation someone will be inspired to "Make History" with the information found on the website Global Women's History ;D