A Sophisticate is a Colts Fan

"There is a difference between conceit and confidence.  Conceit is bragging about yourself. Confidence means you believe you can get the job done" Johnny Unitas

The three priorities in my family growing up were education, music, and sports.  Every Sunday after we would watch football. My parents were football fans. Meaning that our family didn't cheer for one team. We watched every game and evaluated each team and players accordingly. (A Sophisticate Loves Football)

According to the Chinese zodiac, I was  born in the year of the horse. Whether I was destined to cheer for the Colts or not,  while I watched game after game, I began cheering for the Indianapolis Colts. At that time there was no Andrew Luck, no Payton Manning.  There was something in how they played and what I liked about them  was the sense that they were somehow an underdog team. 

While living in Philadelphia and watching Brian Westbrook,  someone who was a fellow classmate at Villanova University had me cheering for the Eagles. Yet, at the same time I was watching the "America's Game" series. During the re-cap of the third Super Bowl, they mentioned a player called Johnny Unitas who demonstrated "Short term Memory loss" when he made a mistake. 

My interest was perked.  I decided to check out his biography "Johnny U: The Life and Times of  Johnny Unitas" by Tom Callahan. What I discovered was a man who established a legacy of humility, toughness, and leadership. At that moment, I knew that as soon as Westbrook retired, I would be an official Colts fan.

I liked Peyton Manning, and heard personal stories about him that proved he was a good person as  well as a good player. Unfortunately, I felt he was inconsistent. With Johnny Unitas as the benchmark, it became hard to find another quarterback to cheer for, at least until Andrew Luck.

It was as if  the universe  knew I needed to cheer for and it was time to return to the Colts.  Andrew Luck, is my favorite player in the NFL. I could write a book on why I like him as a football player and quarterback and it has very little to do with his performance on the field. His performance on the field is the "icing on the cake".

For me, a quarterback is the back bone of the Team. He is the embodiment of the Team he supports. There is no other Team in the NFL who has had the history and reputation that the Colts players and Quarterbacks have portrayed. 

For me, the idea that football is the only aspect of  his life that get's attention. If a quarterback or football player is known for anything beyond football than he doesn't take his job seriously. 

The reason a Sophisticate is a Colts fan, is because of one word, reputation. With Johnny Unitas the "Babe Ruth" of Football and a history of upstanding, underdog, hardworking "good guys" and great players who are disciplined to win. The Indianapolis Colts are Team that have been and are an example of teamwork, tenacity, and respectability and off the field for decades. 

In the end, a Sophisticate is a  Colts fan because she is an underdog who  wants to become a legend. A woman who attempts to emulate the performance, team building,  and leadership skills exemplified on and off the field by the Indianapolis Colts.