Sophisticated Dating Trend #3: Gatsbying

Gatsby and Daisy 
"The truth, she didn't need to be saved; she just needed to feel loved and know that someone out there craved her attention." r.m. drake

"The Great Gatsby" for me was the classic tale of wanting someone who you cannot have.  All the characters, except Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker, longed for a person they couldn't have. The plot is surrounded by a fog or a dream that was better than their current reality. 

As the characters in the story dreamed and hoped, the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleberg "The eyes of God" watched as he was the only one being able to see the truth, the reality, and subsequent tragedies of each character's situation. 

Each character longed to escape their current situation. The symbolism of Gatsby's dream is represented by the  green light. The green light represents Gatsby's hopes and dreams for the future.  When I first read the book, I didn't fully grasp the significance of the green light. Then, I started posting on Social Media.

"I'm starved for connection, not attention." Bridgette Devoue

Social Media with all of it's posts and pretty pictures, with the "Like" and "Love" buttons as well as the subsequent notifications began to embody the green light found in "The Great Gatsby".

I fell in love when I was seven years old. We were friends, best friends until I was 16 years old.  At 16 our lives went separate ways. A small part of why I started my blog was the hope he would find me. Of course, I gave up and from that hope sprung another hope. Similar to an online profile ("How to Date a Blogger") I hoped that maybe one day someone would read my blog and fall in love with me. Social Media was my green light, hoping that someone was watching, hoping that someone was dreaming of me, and hoping that someday someone would get my attention, not with parties like with Jay Gatsby but with their posts because they feel in love with me. Maybe not fall in love, but at least want to get my attention enough to want to meet me.

Without realizing it, without having a name for it, I was doing what they call "Gatsbying"

According to Urban Dictionary "Gatsbying" is "Posting to social media and then waiting for that one specific person to check it out. The modern day equivalent of Gatsby throwing elaborate parties seeking Daisy's attention." (Urban Dictionary: Gatsbying)

"I want to be your idea of perfect" F. Scott Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby"

Social Media is a great a vehicle to promote the brand of "you". With social media you can promote the best of you, your most beautiful attributes, your personality, and even your vulnerability to attract followers or hopefully even a "special follower". 

"Gatsbying: When you promote the brand of "you" to create the potential of "we" with the goal of "us" Sophisticate In the Suburbs™

Social Media is a great way to connect, share, and to inspire. Or is it? If a Sophisticate is single, why can't she create a connection through Social Media? In the 21st Century if want to share the benefits and appeal of your life to get another person's attention, Social Media is  one of the best ways to do it. 

"Gatsby believed in the green light the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us" F. Scott Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby "

The  trend of "Gatsbying" has one drawback, a true connection can only be created face-to-face. Attention is superficial and fake. Attention can be taken away quickly, a  connection is real and everlasting  Both developing a connection and having chemistry can only be found with physical proximity.  A Sophisticate can only attract to  get someone's attention, she cannot create a connection. 

Social Media is fake, it is superficial, and  a controlled communication vehicle to show people what you want to show them. Even faults, flaws, and vulnerabilities can be shared but will be forgotten with the next post. 

"Gatsbying" is fun, superficial, and utilized for those individuals you have a crush on but love?! Love can only be created face-to-face over time. Until a person can share their spirit and what is in their soul, then a connection can never be made with Social Media. In the end, like the tragic end of the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a relationship will meet it's tragic end if a Sophisticate can  only get a person's attention instead of taking the time to understand a person's heart. ;D